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    So you did continue this after all. Pretty cool! The only comment I have is on the Pregnant Mew. It was pretty distriburing, but in a good way. I was like, "wow really!? What happends next?" It does make me think though.

    No "biggie" mistakes. The type of mistake that doesn't affect the reading but doesn't make it perfect.

    "The egg shells are coming out Matron,' Gardevoir confirmed.
    fix the apostrophe with a quotation mark at the end.

    The things humans sometimes do to pokémon drive me to insane.
    That is true on so many levels. In fact i ****ing love it when humans do some really ****ed up s*** to pokemon!! Keeps it true and intact with reality. I mean that's the kind of stuff we would do to pokemon. We do it to animals. My friend actually blows weed at his dog when he smokes to get him high. And my aunt once gave beer to my pitbull when he was 3 months old. Haha, man the thing your stories remind me of.
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