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I'll assume this is an OU team, and I'll rate it as such.

For Vaporeon, change the EV spread to 244 HP/136 Def/128 Spe. 244 HP EVs give Vaporeon big Substitutes while not increasing the damage it takes from Stealth Rock.

Aggron has a poor defensive typing. While recoil-free Head Smashes seem too good to pass up, Aggron's common weaknesses and low Speed hold it back, making it better for the lower tiers. Heatran can be used in its place to hit hard:
-Fire Blast
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power (Ice/Grass)/Dragon Pulse
-Stealth Rock
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 SAtk/4 SDef/252 Spe
Item: Life Orb

As for Honchkrow, it can easily go mixed with:
-Brave Bird/Drill Peck
-Sucker Punch/Night Slash
-Heat Wave
Nature: Naughty/Lonely/Hasty/Naive
EVs: 252 Atk/4 SAtk/252 Spe
Item: Choice Band/Choice Scarf

For Typlosion, it doesn't really deserve a spot on the team because, well, Fire by itself is a poor defensive typing, and I already covered Heatran as a Fire Pokemon. A Dragon Pokemon like Dragonite can help here:
-Dragon Dance
-Outrage/Dragon Claw
-Fire Punch/ExtremeSpeed/Roost
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk/4 SDef/252 Spe
Item: Leftovers/Life Orb