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What a coincidence Huggermugger (that's a hilariously oxymoronic nickname by the way :D), I started Brown on FireRed!

Update #1 on FireRed.

Name: Brown
Rival: Blue (the name, not the color. :D)
Starter: Squirtle
  • After I finally got the Pokedex, I caught Thrasher the Mankey on Route 22.
  • Beat Brock easily with Karate Chop, then continued on through Mt. Moon.
  • Grabbed the Dome Fossil for later and arrived in Cerulean City.
  • Beat Blue and the Nugget Bridge trainers, then caught Esper the Abra.
  • Fought my way to Bill's house, and Esper evolved into Kadabra!
  • After saving Bill and getting the S.S. Ticket, I took on Misty and won with some difficulty.
  • Beat the Rocket guy and taught Dig to Thrasher.
  • Continued on to Viridian City, where I boarded the S.S. Anne to get Cut, and Thrasher evolved into Primeape!
  • Challenged the gym and won easily with Esper's Psybeam.
  • Got Flash and went through Rock Tunnel without much trouble, and caught a Growlithe on my way to Celadon City.
  • Took on the gym after some training, and Growlithe was able to beat Erika with Flame Wheel.
  • Renamed Growlithe to Firebeast in Lavendar Town, then went to the Rocket Hideout to get the Sliph Scope. Giovanni was not hard.
  • Climbed Pokemon Tower, beating Blue on the way, and near the top I caught Skully the Cubone, who was holding a Thick Club! :D
  • "Rescued" Mr. Fuji and got the Poke Flute, which I used on the Snorlax south of Lavender Town, and Skully evolved into Marowak!
  • Next I caught Hawkeye the Pidgey, and she evolved right away into Pidgeotto!
  • Made my way to Fuchsia City, where I got Surf and Strength, then evolved Esper into Alakazam!
  • Took on the gym and beat Koga with some difficultly.
  • Surfed to Cinnbar Island while avoiding trainers, and revived Reaper the Kabuto, my final team member.
  • Saved in Route 15, in the middle of training up my team.

Team Brown:

Reaper the Hasty Kabuto, ♂ - L30 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Swift Swim
Moves: Rock Slide, Mud Shot, Surf, Aerial Ace

Hawkeye the Naughty Pidgeotto, ♂ - L31
Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Return, Steel Wing, Fly, Quick Attack

Skully the Gentle Marowak, ♂ - L32 @ Thick Club
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Headbutt, Bonemerang, Brick Break, Bone Club

Thrasher the Docile Primeape, ♀ - L34
Ability: Vital Spirit
Moves: Brick Break, Dig, Mega Punch, Mega Kick

Firebeast the Serious Growlithe, ♀ - L38
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Flame Wheel, Ember, Take Down, Leer

Esper the Gentle Alakazam, ♂ - L38
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Psychic, Shock Wave, Thief, Reflect

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