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    I haven't watched either of the animes up for discussion since I was about 11-years-old, but I have much fonder memories of the Digimon anime... To be honest, that is kinda surprising to me, as I have no interest in Digimon as a franchise (as opposed to Pokemon, for obvious reasons!) and I physically remember more of the Pokemon anime e.g. the characters, plots etc. But I always felt more fulfiled in the moment as a viewer when watching the Digimon anime, despite not remembering any of it now! In particular, I always liked that the protagonists Digimon actually evolved in the show; in contrast, I always kept screaming at the screen whenever Ash would say "I love my Pikachu so much I'm never going to evolve it yadda yadda yadda..." So, as petty as it is, Digimon's approach to evolution means it held up higher in my estimations. Yay?