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World Tournament?

Damn, if this is true, that's incredible! I'm sure that PokeFans all over the world have been waiting for something like this!
I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I don't care haha :]

Although I do have my doubts. BW1 took place how many years after GS/DP? 10? Wattson & Blaine must be close to, if not already retired. Also, Giovanni? What is he doing here? Could Team Rocket be coming back AGAIN?

However if I recall correctly, Cynthia did say something in BW1 about Champions from all regions gathering in Unova.

Found it: "Once every few years, the Champions of each region gather and compete to see who is the strongest! An interesting idea, don't you agree?"

So that COULD be a sign that the rumor is true!

I will be so dissapointed if this rumor turns out to be false, but it does seem way too good to be true. :[

Cheren as a Gym Leader? I wouldn't doubt it. Black & White 2 is basically the Gold & Silver to Black & White, and your rival in Red & Blue does turn out to be a Gym Leader in GS. Maybe Cheren is the final Gym Leader you have to face?
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