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    So I decided I liked Summer enough to make her a proper character. SIGNUP AHOY!

    Name: Summer
    Gender: Female
    Species: Ninetales
    Human Age: 20

    Appearance: As a stage-2 infected, Summer is drastically different visually when compared with another Ninetales. Her shimmering gold fur is now a dank orange, except on her chest and tails. Her chest is a dark grey colour, with a purple gemstone embedded in it. The very tips of her tails, once orange, are now a murky blue-green. Her eyes are a discomfortingly pure white.

    Side/Type: Stage 2 Infected

    Personality: Summer’s name used to be a good indicator of her personality. Upbeat, independent and casual, she rarely if ever raised her voice. She was well known for her sheer determination when it came to overcoming tasks… and her complete disinterest in teamwork. She was amicable and friendly, but if encountered on the battlefield was a fierce opponent. She loathed cowards, and often thought that many arguments could be solved through combat.

    Since becoming infected, though, her mind has become a twisted shadow of its former self. She remains determined to follow her original cause, but doesn’t have the strength of will required to directly defy Deoxys’ orders, only following them in the ways that hinder her Master very slightly. This includes extreme procrastination. She lacks the motivation to learn proper teamwork, preferring to accomplish her missions solo. Trying to get some entertainment out of being an eternal slave to Deoxys has led to her new hobbies: Making horribly dark jokes and overplaying the part of the evil one. Style is always the best part of being a villain, after all, and just because Deoxys lacks it doesn’t mean she can’t.

    Background Story/History: Summer was bred and raised under her trainer for one express purpose: Battle. Designed to set up and wreak havoc under the sun, she entered a strict training regime under her master for the express purpose of achieving this purpose. However, there were… complications. Never good at working in teams, she proved troublesome in tandem matches. Meanwhile, her junior partner, Ness, was excelling. Determined to improve herself, she battled night in, night out… until, suddenly she’d got there. The two considered each other equals from then on, although Ness also respected her as an elder, giving her the upper hand.

    So when Ness seemed to be having some sort of existential crisis, she naturally followed her trainer’s efforts to cheer him up. She watched from the sidelines as he performed musicals, watched sports, travelled cruises and conquered towers… Then the S.S Anne came into town.
    Ness and Summer went with their trainer and a few other pokémon to Kanto, where they headed north from the port city of Vermillion to Cerulean City… just before it was attacked by the infected. Caught out in the heat of battle, their trainer threw both their pokéballs to help defend him. In the heat of battle, however, they lost track of their master. Ness ran, while Summer fought valiantly, trying to get back to them.
    But before she could make it, she was infected…

    *Human Weapons : N/A

    Moveset: Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Hidden Power (ground) and Cosmic Power (Infected move)
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