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Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
EDIT: after applying patch i did see a few text corruptions ingame which doesnt affect anything else..
EDIT2: Oh the creator of that patch said he did change the font to emerald's for the patch, reason why the font looks a bit weird now...but still very much readable
That's the reason why I didn't applied it for the game. The fonts get messy.

Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
That makes sense. But why shiny? Why not 50% chance to encounter Nefari himself like the past battles?
Nefari and Gabrieleon are two spirits in one body.
Both take turns in controlling their body.
In LoG's time, it was Gabrieleon's turn to live, and Nefari's turn to sleep.

Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
I found many error
I am aware of them.
I don't think they'll be a priority though.

Originally Posted by grafixt View Post
EDIT: I guess it cannot be opened with advanced maps xD .... For now (Evil laugh)
You could. Just change the header of the game back to AXVE and you can open it, but if you do, your saved states won't work, unless you change the game's header back.

Originally Posted by grafixt View Post
I used to have,many years back when i played pokemon on my old GB, that my boxes where full with pokemon on a certain point. idk how i got myself to get this everytime but still. I'm sure from all the poeple who played pokemon i aint the only one . I think it is possible if you have some knowledge about scripting. 'what i used to do on other games.
I couldn't even manage to have five PKMN in one single box. o.O
Anyway, I don't know how to add more boxes, nor do I see a purpose of adding more.

Originally Posted by Kirby39 View Post

~#Did some Pokemon Contests. Blitz was in the crowd. There was an Abra there sometimes and once I saw Gabrielleon in the crowd.

~#Whisperee's icon is a Froslass.
~#Furruny has Sentret's icon.

If you go the mountain in Low Point Path, then back down, take the other side of the rock-stairs, you can walk up to the top. I suppose you'd just have to turn the tiles above the warp to be unpassable.

Item chest in tree.

Borders in Mt. Leon are a different shade. Rather lighter.

Tree tile error and you can't walk above my character.

Found this..

I don't think I can change the NPCs during a contest though.
And thank you for the reports.

Originally Posted by hydranoid0411 View Post
Where i may catch dark lugia
You can't, unless you cheat for one.

Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
So we're not supposed to have them, but we just do? You're awesome. So what happened to April, Richard, , Crossel, and any others I'm forgetting? It seemed like they became vessels but now it seems that's not the case. Why did they die and what good came from their deaths?
April and Richard *faded* away. Crosell continued travelling. Nicolas is in the Whirl Islands. Ryan is in Silkwind Town. Jimmy, after defeating him in the League, he'll be in Lustersand Town. Kevin is in Guardia Town. Light/Jude is in Rintah Town.

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