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Update #2
(im planning on updating after every gym, unless the gym battle are close together, e.g. Cinawood and the steel place)
Challenged Falkner, Easy as pie(I jynxed myself here(Cydaquil evolved after battle))
Trained on trainers on route 32,33 and the Cave.
Beat team rocket! saved the slowpoke,
Challenged Bugsy, Bellsprout poisoned Syther, switch to Quilava,
Bugsy kill him, Nooo,
Then went down to Syther v Bellsprout, 1 hp each,
Quick attack... Blackout...
Faced him again, Crit hit and burn with ember on syther, Oh-KOed the
rest of his team.

Levels and pokemon:
Quilava lv.19
Ember; Smokescreen; Leer; Quick Attack

Bellsprout lv.19
Vine Whip; Wrap; PoisonPowder; SleepPowder
Houndoom's B&W Sparta League Trainer Card

Wins-15, Losses-2, Matches-17
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