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    Originally Posted by WestsideConnection View Post
    Name: Remidius Algor

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Job: Warrior

    Side: Rosadia



    Remidius is the very soul of your traditional warrior, bound by valour and honour on the battlefield. Remidius is tactical and intelligent, using his intellect to his advantage whenever he can. Remidius is stubborn and headstrong, not letting others tell him that he cannot do something and will put himself into very difficult situations due to his valiant nature. Remidius is very quiet, not choosing to speak often and usually keeps his thoughts and ideas tom himself. Even though Remidius is just starting out as a recruit, he already has practiced his fighting skills and has honed them very well. Even though Remidius is a do-er instead of a talker, Remidius is prone to making poor decisions, as he has done in his past. Remidius is a loyal person, and his loyalty lies with Rosadia now that he is signing up for the military. Remidius is bound by honour, so he is known for holding up his end of a bargain to the best of his abilities.


    Remidius Algor was born in a commoner's village near the border of Rosadia. Remidius was born to the Algor family, which have had their eldest son as the village of Toro River's blacksmith for six generations. For Remidius, who was the third eldest out of four, the honour was not his. Remidius has two brothers, one older and one younger, and a older sister. Even though Remidius wasn't going to carry the family tradition of being a blacksmith, Remidius would still help his father, Alsith, with smithing. Remidius lived a standard commoners childhood, even though the threat of war lingered. When Remidius was ten, he was given a sword to train with, which was made by Remidius' father. Remidius trained by himself, learning through trial and error the tactics of sword-fighting. The threats of war that surrounded Remidius' home village of Toro River were realized when Remidius was thirteen.

    Toro River was the site of a massive battle between Rosadia and Kuro, where both Tabuu and the Hero were present. The whole village was decimated, and the Kingdom of Kuro took control of what was left of Toro River, sending the Hero one of his few defeats on the battlefield. During this devastating conflict, Remidius lost his father, who had volunteered to help the Rosadian army in the battle. Remidius and his older brother, Scyil, had different views of what their father's death meant. After a week of grieving, Scyil had begun smithing, this time supplying to the Kuro army, who were frequent buyers of his armour and weapons. Remidius was taken by the Kuro army, and was used as a slave. Remidius suffered five years of terrible enslavement, until finally Remidius took the courage to leave Toro River. Remidius snuck away from the labour camp, and took a sword, shield and some armour from his brother, and after that donned the family helm, and left on a boat down the Toro River (not the village, but the river it was named after) all the way to Rosadia, ready to join the Rosadian army and avenge his father's death.

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