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    Name: Sara Willow Goodman

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Job: Beastmaster

    Side: Kuro (since no one has picked that yet, also:Kid Icarus )


    Personality: Sara is extremely quiet. She usually doesn't talk unless she absolutely has to and most always has a passive mask on. She rarely if ever shows her emotions. That being said, even the little she does show it's pretty clear that she has a problem interacting with humans. Sara will only listen or stick around when a person talks to her if it is one of her commanding officers. Otherwise she does what she can to get away.

    History: Sara was born in Kuro to a blacksmith and his wife. Being the youngest and a girl, Sara was usually ignored in favour of her grown up and working brothers as well as her sisters who were becoming of marriage age. So, the girl usually did whatever she wanted with no one paying her any attention. Since she found the city and people too crowded and nosey, she often made her way to the forest out side. Soon the woods around and even past the city became her second home. She knew her way from her home city to the capital and back again like the back of her hand, even making becoming part of some animal families.

    When it came time for recruiting for the Kuro army, the soldiers came round to Sara's house and, after seeing how well she was able to tame a wild dog that was causing everyone trouble, took her in to be trained as a beast master. Her younger brother was also taken to be a swordsman. Sara would have been able to rise up the ranks more quickly if she took more upon herself, but that is not the case. As it it, she is still a fairly low rank though a respected one.

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