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    Okay, so I'm following this tutorial and everything's fine. So I go to insert these Gym tiles and I think, oh, it's too big for the tileset, so I expand the tileset image in Paint, (I keep the same Horizontal dimension though), and insert the Gym and colour away. Once done, I insert it into A-Map, and the Gym shows up fine when I click to the correct palette. So I think "All right! I've FINALLY managed to inset a tile." I click the Save button and... it doesn't appear in the list of tiles you can use in game... In the builder, side bar thing... the sidebar to the right in A-Map (I forgot what it's called).

    Is my Gym out of proportion or something? Should I have not expanded the tileset?

    If you can help, thanks.

    PS: Banjora, I inserted the palette colours manually in I-view and they just messed up the tile, blues would turn brown, etc.
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