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Originally Posted by redjacketalchemist View Post
Really hoping Red (or Blue/Green/Leaf, that would be cool too) comes down from Mt. Silver and gets in on this too. Seems like something he would be interested in.

I love the idea, but I have a feeling that this will cause much rage-screaming @[email protected]
Nah, first of all, he's appeared in enough games as it is and I certainly don't want to see him again. Plus, he strikes me as more the type who'd rather stay parked on that mountain and not associate with others.

I would say "Yes" on Leaf (give my fave character an opportunity to appear in a game that she was denied back in HG/SS), but then there's the issue with bringing back any of the playable characters... how to decide what starter they have, and who's on their team. I'm just against reusing player characters as NPCs in general. I have been since G/S.

Not a fan of the 3 on 3 thing and never have been (Battle Tower/Frontier, Stadium games, etc.) You have six Pokemon, you should be able to use all six!

Otherwise, I'm pretty neutral on this idea, especially if it's going to be implemented as a Tower/Frontier type thing. While it would be nice to see some old familiar faces, there are others I could do without seeing, and IMO it's hard to justify everyone coming over to participate.

And I suppose Giovanni's no longer a wanted fugitive from justice if he's daring to show his face at this event? Hmmm, maybe he has paid his debt to society.

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