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Thank you, and yes I'm a competitive player from the Las Vegas area. I do attend competitions, however I'm not that good yet. I usually go to the tournaments here in Vegas. Last month I went down to LA with a couple of other plays from here to play at the regional they were hosting there. I didn't make it out of pools though, however I got 4th in amateur bracket. My mains are Yoshi + ROB, and I side Falco/Snake (these two usually for wi-fi).

As for your Ice Climbers question the other one is controlled by your inputs, like a regular character. The only difference it that it takes time about .5 of a second after your initial input. So for example if you just jab with ICs you see how nana does her jab right after popo starts his. This is because she is doing the jab that you imputed just different timing. This is the key. You basically control both characters by essentially buffering everything you do.