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One of the most helpful sites. I don't use it beyond the following: EV checking (which reminds me that I still need a Qualot Berry), SID Checking, and IV Checking parents pre-rng abuse. I do catalog all my Pokémon I check, but that is so I don't have to reenter them later in case I forget something.

Originally Posted by Mac of York View Post
Of course we're allowed, it's what all of us do. Pokemon has essentially killed trading for parents as people just download them from Pokecheck, breed them, then release them. What killed trading for me though was being able to RNG... so that's why I mostly just give stuff out for free.
Wow, I never thought of downloading parents. That seems kind of like cheating though, but egg moves are a pain.

Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

What. What. What.

We're aloud to do that? Much of my life wasted. );
Also, this is just me being my English obsessed self, but you misspelled allowed; or rather, you used the wrong word.
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