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    I highly recommend not going over level 200 or so. You'd have to use something like the enhanced debug versions of VBA and find out what accesses the level. Sadly, you'd need to do this for every part of the game. This may or may not be feasible. It's also possible to use a program like IDA or a plain disassembler to find this information.

    It makes more sense to not bother, and just directly modify the stats in RAM instead of modifying a bunch of machine code and lists. It's no harder than making a prewired Gameshark/Action Replay code. You just put a hook ('asm detour') to your code that checks to see if some value is correct ('Is this the right trainer') and then modifies the stats based on that and then returns to the original code flow. You have to watch for registers and timing but this isn't too bad so far as ASM hacks go.
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