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Stunky has a proper home now... good for him (her?) and the boys will certainly look a lot less suspicious without the cage now. Then again, it's spent a good amount of time inside that cage, so it will be interesting to see how quickly it adapts to life inside a Pokeball. I figure Stunky made it back by day's end, as there wasn't any big scene about it disappearing

Congrats on your first publication! Your article made it to page 28, in the ‘Arts and Recreation’ section of The Hearthome Times.
Well, at least the article got published, though Arts and Recreation seems like an odd section to put it in... it seems more of a "Science" article, but I guess if the paper didn't have such a section the editors had to stick it somewhere where it would kinda make sense... and apparently Pokemon training is considered "Recreation..."

Probably the most interesting part was seeing how Move Tutors perform their craft. It's actually quite a long and involved process with vast knowledge - and effort on the part of the trainer - needed to complete the process of teaching new moves. And to think that these skilled tradesmen would eventually see their role diminished by TMs... but I guess it makes things simpler (and no doubt the TMs were created using research and with input from the Move Tutors of the past).

Fortunately (though I kinda wanted to see sparks fly and/or Henry buckle under the pressure) both boys dodged Hurricane Lona this time, although...
She breezed by at an agitated pace, heels clacking on the carpet. “I’ll Miss Herrida you, you little…” would seem that not everyone was so fortunate.

Interesting talk from the mystery man at the bus stop... irony is, what he said could equally apply to the news media today, if not more so. Of course, the Big Three of media today seems to be Politics, Sports, and Celebrities xD

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