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    The Stunky is male, but sometimes I refer to him as 'it' (as in 'the pokemon', 'the Stunky', etc.) for stylistic reasons. And don't worry, he hasn't disappeared. He's just wandering around Solaceon for now, but he'll come back at a very important moment.

    Well, at least the article got published, though Arts and Recreation seems like an odd section to put it in... it seems more of a "Science" article, but I guess if the paper didn't have such a section the editors had to stick it somewhere where it would kinda make sense... and apparently Pokemon training is considered "Recreation...
    The article was placed in 'Arts and Recreation' because it dealt with a pokemon training-related topic. It goes to show how the press doesn't really have room for academic stuff, or stuff that isn't one of the three 'hot topics', like the man in Hearthome said. ;)

    It's actually quite a long and involved process with vast knowledge - and effort on the part of the trainer - needed to complete the process of teaching new moves. And to think that these skilled tradesmen would eventually see their role diminished by TMs... but I guess it makes things simpler (and no doubt the TMs were created using research and with input from the Move Tutors of the past).
    Definitely. Though I'm not going to suddenly go off on a tangent and start explaining how move tutoring changed over the years, Ted's method might hint at how TMs came into being.

    And yes, not everyone can escape the wrath of Lona Walker. I don't think I'll be able to show Henry in a battle with her anytime soon, though. It was pure (bad) luck that Michael got her on his first day, since there are dozens of referees for one wing of the Gym alone. But they still have their exclusive battle with her to look forward to... or not, depending on how you look at it. xP

    Thanks for the review!
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