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    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I DID IT: SHINY SPIRITOMB IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT SHINY SPIRITOMB!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes!!!! Shiny! Spiritomb!! Mine! Done! Yes! Victory!!!


    I got it - shiny Spiritomb!! After 5976 SRs, Spiritomb number 5977 decided to shine!! Whoo-hoo! My first shiny since December 24th of last year!! Meaning my first shiny of 2012!!

    I really wanted it to appear at night so I could catch it in a Dusk Ball (and it looks totally awesome at night!), and it did!!! Absolutely perfect.

    Another shiny for my Ghost quest!


    Originally Posted by miloticfan54 View Post
    My third chained shiny

    Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
    May 1st marked 9 years of being a member of PC.
    Wow, that's impressive!! Congratulations, Jamie Moyer! :cer_laugh:

    Originally Posted by miloticfan54 View Post
    Who will crack first? The Larvesta egg, me, or my DS's buttons...

    Originally Posted by AntiZero View Post
    :O Jeez, it's been forever since I've been here. Anybody remember me? Page 742 was the last page I posted in.

    So, G-Money, I'd like to be re-added to the list, if I may.
    Welcome back, AntiZero! I remember you!

    The list auto-updates itself now, which is pretty cool.

    You can find it here, sorted by post count: and you can Ctrl + F and search your name!

    Originally Posted by blu3void View Post
    Oh hey there. I'm a shiny hunter myself, and although I'm not currently hunting, I'd be happy to join this club.
    I have two shinies: A shiny Hoothoot in Soul Silver, and a shiny Litwick in White, both random.
    Welcome to the club!

    Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
    In other news. git engaged so will soon be moving to america full time. to marry her

    You definitely deserve to get Spiritomb really soon, and I hope mine is an omen that yours is in the really near future! Good luck!

    Originally Posted by Deithien View Post
    Ill join!!
    Not sure if you guys have caught them yet but I've got myself a shiny tentacool/tentacruel and a shiny zubat.
    Currently hunting fifth gen shinies on black.
    Random question; what methods do you use to encounter shinies? Do you stay on a single route or hunt all the areas where your target appears?
    Welcome to the club! I usually stay on the same route and encounter the same groups of Pokemon, since I'm usually looking for a specific one. Soft resetting is also a really popular form of shiny hunting: you save in front of a Pokemon you encounter once (like a starter or legendary), encounter/receive it, and if it isn't shiny you can hit Start + Select + L + R (Start + Select + A + B in third gen games) to reset your game so you can encounter it again.

    My hunts:

    3436 Eevee.
    2121 Route 116 encounters.
    Path of the Ghost: 12/18
    Path of the Starter: 10/18

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