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    Are you tired of new games where the Pokemon sprites actually look like the Pokemon they are supposed to be? Does the idea of Pokemon who don't have oversized heads and weirdly shaped eyes make you sad? Do you wish we could go back to the days of the Gameboy when all the sprites looked totally ridiculous?

    Well now you can! In this hack, two months in the making, all 151 of the original Pokemon have been replaced with revamped versions of their original sprites, revamped to fully fit alongside generation III sprites! Playing Pokemon FireRed has never been so Nostalgic!

    -New front sprites for all 151 Pokemon
    -Standard "Firered 151" adjustments to make it possible to get all 151 Pokemon in the wild in one game!

    And now it is complete! Comes in two modes: Normal mode where only the sprites have changed, and DELUXE mode with wild Pokemon changed and some gym leader teams changed (they now have Pokemon all of the right type and don't have more than one Pokemon of the same species).
    Download here!

    Also: I hereby give permission for anyone wanting to use this as a base for their own hack, as long as some credit is given (just mention my username). Thanks. Also note that you can't just add this hack on top of another hack, the sprites take up more space than the originals did so it overwrites some free space that other hacks are likely to use. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, someone with more knowledge of GBA ROMs than me might want to create a version that can be applied over other hacks.

    Info on Pokemon locations not normally available (only accurate for deluxe version, no idea how many of these I put into the normal version):
    • Bulbasaur - Berry Forest
    • Charmander - Mt. Ember
    • Squirtle - Seafoam Islands
    • Eevee - Berry Forest
    • Mew - Victory Road (Where Moltres was)
    • Jynx - Seafoam Islands
    • Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd, Lickitung - Safari Zone
    • Aerodactyl - Victory Road
    • Lapras - Seafoam Islands (Surfing)
    • Porygon - Silph Co.
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