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    I have a swanna as my fly / surf but the lack of waterfall is disappointing. I might make a HM-dragonite instead. For catching, I just made myself a parasect with false swipe / spore / sweet scent / x-scissor, it's an irresistible combo

    I went a bit OCD with catching dittos, I got 20 dittos each with a different nature (all the natures that change stats) and a handful of those have all the max IV's too. Handy for breeding for sure, even though I've hardly needed more than a couple of those natures so far

    I only just started looking into RNG'ing, but I lack the chatot to start. I swear I saw one just before I started looking into this, but since then I've not been able to see a single one in DW. I'd greatly appreciate if someone could breed me a random chatot to start with I'm also trying to find a zigzagoon so I can breed an army of pickup linoones for amassing rare candys.
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