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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Platinum was already revealed as Canon with Looker. Never said anything about Third games only Emerald. Twice Steven has been shown as the Champion of Hoenn despite Wallace taking over in Emerald. It may just be Emerald that wasn't counted. RSE have conflicting stories already, after all they happen at the same time with two different sets of Final Gym and Champions) so they'd have to choose one or the other. They seem to have Chosen Ruby and Sapphire's story over Emeralds's.

    With Steven still being Champion, they are saying that Ruby/Sapphire's story takes precedence over Emerald's.
    Well, D/P and Platinum also have conflicting stories... stories of Giratina and Cyrus are different in those games. If they've chosen Crystal's and Platinum's stories to be canon, they will also choose Emerald.
    They will never exclude any third game from canon. Emerald is also part of canon. We just don't have proof yet, because R/S/E seem to be last in timeline. Platnium is already proven to be canon only because it takes place before B/W and B2/W2.

    Assuming that all third games are canon, World Tournament confirms that B2/W2 take place before R/S/E.