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    Kind of made an account on here just to keep track and be able to post later on in this Thread~ =3
    Would had some bugs to mention, buuuut, seem they were all mentioned already~ XD

    Please keep up the good work!
    I had only played the version juuust before, but I think this game is actually pretty neat~ <3

    I just can't wait you make the rest~ ^-^

    I must say I was a bit disappointed to see I would lose my saves from the last version, but seeing the "news" things in the new version, I decided it wasn't that bad~ =3
    A bit sad to re-start, but really like it anyways~ =3

    Just one thing, pleeeease, make sure the Weedle "limitbreak" thing disapear in the next patch/version/etc.? It's really a pain I would say, think I'm not the only one as I read, but it's really hard to pass through the forest normally with them, I must save each time I'm in front of a Grass "patch" and all the way as I move in the forest, then reload if I got hurt in a fight while trying to run away from those(Weedles).

    But in overall, I would say the game play somewhat pretty nicely~ =3
    Hopefully, most of the bugs are kind of "avoidable" or have a way to go through without much problems if you really work on it~ =3

    Haven't gotten pretty far on it yet for the 7, but working on that with the plenty of other things I got to do~ XP
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