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    "We're not in any rush, Daiki. You took less timethan I had expected."

    The angel calmly led the human along nonetheless. Justbecause they had time to spare did not mean it would be wasted on idle chatter.Information and progress needed to be present so this participant caught upwith the competition. He was behind by about two days; no time for training.The more concerning was the interview today. The others in the Games certainlywouldn't be expecting another participant so late into the program. In fact,according to the rumours, things were random and had no real goal. Natruo washaving a busy life involving other jobs, which led to the Population Gamesbeing unprepared. Perhaps it would work out in Daiki's favour?

    "I hope you have stayed up-to-date on the Games, forthere are a handful of unique, strong competitors this year. To name a few,two-time winner Bernkastel and the demon Ryuu. Maybe only a few are actuallyweak and inexperienced..."

    Preserias was now taking the young man through the heartof the city. When someone pictures the heart of something, it is alive andenergetic. That was not reflected here. Only four cars were visible, withhumans on the sidewalk reaching a total of about thirty. In fact, the entirehuman population could be considered 'endangered'.

    Even with so little humans to see, Preserias’ presencedid not go unnoticed. As he walked by with Daiki at his side, there were plentyof stares to go around. Some were in shock or awe at the angel. Others werehorrified that Daiki was with a supernatural, and shot questioning looks hisway. Where was he going? Why was an angel in the Human District? Did the poorboy do something wrong? An old lady, long past the care of the guards, mumbledunder her breath a prayer for the human.

    Preserias always found it strange. Even though there werevampires and angels… And there were more Gods than you could shake a stick at…Some humans still believed in their little religions. Those who believed inmultiple Gods existing mocked the others. Religion still reigned, even when theHumans had no real hope. They basically allowed themselves to be pushed aroundby these “Higher Beings”.

    Preserias had a sliver of pity for the creatures.


    Once outside the city, it didn’t take long for them towalk down to the docks. At this point, there were only empty shipmentbuildings. After all, they only obtained new packages from the God’s Districtonce every month. If they ran out of supplies, it was the human’s fault. TheGods had no real sympathy towards the wasteful animals.

    Preserias led Daiki around, until they were standing on asuspended wooden flooring that stuck out from the earth. Before them was theOcean. It no longer had particular names due to its size, so it was just‘Ocean’. It sloshed against the land hungrily, with white waves crashingbackwards in vain. It reeked of salt and dirt. A very refreshing smell,compared to that of the smoked-out city. Even the air tasted like a gulp of seawater.

    Preserias glanced at Daiki, whom had hesitated just theslightest upon seeing a cruise ship. “I reassure you. You are safe from anysort of illness on sea. The boats are sturdy. Will not sway.”

    Without another word, the angel led Daiki aboard the veryship they had seen waiting on the dock. The railing used for support appearedto be made out of crystal, with natural curves and twists that made itimpossible to just run your hand along the surface without hitting it at somepoint or completely falling off.

    The floorboards were of a scratch-less, cherry-brownwood. It wasn’t slippery like you would expect, and had the same sort ofstability as real earth. Overall, the cruise ship was impossibly gigantic tojust be for the participant and the angel. There had to be more rooms thanthere were people alive in the Human District, with enough space on the deckitself for the population to lay for a tan.

    They did not stay out in the fresh air for long, however.Soon enough, Daiki would find himself being whisked inside and down into theprivate rooms of the ship’s interior. The walls were gorgeous, with a hint ofblue shimmer. The two found themselves on the bottom floor soon enough, andPreserias stopped Daiki in their destination. It was a rather luxurious ‘livingroom’, for a summary. The floor and far wall were made of thick glass, so onecould see the sea-life swimming beyond. For safety measures, the doors were equippedwith water locks in case of damage. Suppose the Gods would just drown in theroom, then? Appeared so. Besides the aquarium, there was a simple black tablethat was made to look like smoldering wood. The chairs by a glance lookedcomfortable, what with the cushions and armrests designed right into the shape.Preserias made himself at home at the setting; sitting down and leaning back inwhat seemed like exhaustion.

    “I’m your guide for the Population Games. Think you couldtell me things about yourself? Strengths, weaknesses… Goals… What can you do toget sponsors?” The angel yawned politely behind his hand.
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