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Originally Posted by double trouble! View Post
Most games... I can't dive, and I have problems with the other champions in my lane.
He's extremely squishy.
Also, I had a crazy game with Annie a few days ago:

Also, I bought Kennen today.

Also, I'm level 18 and the matches are nothing like the ones on the streams (well, they are pros after all)
Often, my team will push too hard at the start, and the enemy minions and champions will be right under the turret, which is NOT a good spot.
Not that I'm good at last hitting, but I can't farm with my kills being stolen all the time.
It really bothers me to see Fizz on the enemy team, because they usually can't play him, and I'm not saying I'm good.
Kennen's about to be free for the week though, alongside Cassiopeia, Mordekaiser and a few other champs. I'm excited for this one, as a lot of the champs I've considered buying are going to be free. :D
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