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    Speaking of no golds, here's 3 golds that I did.

    The first one is Xatu legitly obtained, level 64-67, items used. He held an Exp. Share (not ideal lol, but I was using it for a different challenge. Moves were Fly, Giga Drain, Psychic, and Teleport (lol, don't know why I still have tp).
    Second is Politoed, again, legitly obtained with items used. Level 56-60. He held a nevermeltice. Moves were Surf, Strength, Ice Punch, and Psychic. Wish I could have EQ instead of Strength.
    And lastly we have Meganium, level 52-57. Definitely the hardest to do, not a very good move selection. Went with Razor Leaf, Iron Tail, Earthquake, and Body Slam. Meganium couldn't one hit many Pokemon, but he could at least 2 hit most of them. Once again, legitly obtained, items used.

    My name was A for all three of these Pokemon, as they're all from the same game. Now to hop over and beat Red real quick.

    Here's a video of me doing them. If you have a problem with the music, then deal with it, its all I felt like finding. First one is an awesome remix I found, second is something my best friend wrote for me, third and fourth are repeats, and fifth is the extended Yugioh themesong.