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Through this website called pokecommunity, you've probably not heard of it.

Yeah, I came to PC because my "old forum", Pokémon Fan Universe, closed down, and I wanted to go to another Pokémon forum. So I just googled Pokémon forums and found this cool place. It had better skins then PE2K or Serebii and had some really cool pixel artists.

And then I found the ROM Hacking section. When I first saw it, I was terrified and amazed.
I used to only ROM Hack when no-one was in the house in case I got told off, and always deleted my internet history of being on PC. Yeah, I was scared of my parents catching me looking at Advance Map, not anything else haha.

Then around 2008-ish my brother noticed me and was like "that's pretty cool" and then I was fine with ROM Hacking in public...or whatever.

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