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Episode 1 of Pokemon Ruby: Victreebell, ULTIMATE
Episode :My BellSprout! And the first 3 gyms!

  • Hacked in Bellsprout. Named him Bella after Twilight.
  • Battled numerous trainers until I reached Petalburg city.
  • Helped Wally catch a Ralts.
  • From Petalburg city to Petalburg Woods.
  • Moved throughout there and battle a trainer and meet the Team Magma grunt
  • Helped Devon Good man out.
  • Headed outside of Petalburg woods and got Bullet Seed from guy.
  • Battle a few more trainers and headed up to Rustbro City.
  • Went to the first gym leader and acquired the Stone badge! Easy peezy!

[Missing screenshot]

Current team:
Level 20
Move set: Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Wrap, and Bullet seed.

  • Helped Devon Good guy retrieve his goods, again! Helped Old man get his Pokemon back.
  • Went back through Petalburg woods and got an ride to Dewford Town with the old man.
  • Delivered the goods to Steven, and in returned Steel Wing was rewarded.
  • Use escape rope and headed to the 2nd gym leader.
  • Battle his grunts, and proceeded to him.
  • Defeated him an little boost of luck.

Current team:

Level 25
Move set: Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Acid, and Bullet seed.

Short summary between beating 2nd gym leader and beating 3rd gym leader. I'm now on a new computer and I'm to lazy to transfer the pictures at this time.

I travels to Slateport city. Headed upward to fight my rival, than proceeded to Mauville City. I fought Wally in front of the gym, and battled numerous trainers there. I than challenged the gym leader and after 3 trys, I WON!

Level 31
Move set: Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Acid, and Bullet seed.

Episode 2 of Pokemon Ruby: Victreebell, ULTIMATE.
Episode: Team Magma Plans!


  • After beating the third gym, I defeated the Winstrate family.
  • Took Mudkip out the box, and added him as an HM Slave[ Currently Rock Smash].
  • Headed up north to arrive at FIREY PATH. Got through it.
  • Arrived at Route 112. Headed from there to Fallabor town.
  • From there I headed to Metor Falls. Where I meet Team Aqua's leader, and discovered Team Magma's plans.
  • Headed from Route 116 back to MT. Chimney. [Obtained Strength after reuniting the couple!]
  • Rode Cable Car and proceeded to defeat Team Magma's grunts there. Now the episode ends with me looking in to their leader's eyes.
Level 36
Move set: Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Acid, and Bullet seed

At this point I decided to evolve him at level 42.

Episode 3 of Pokemon Ruby: Victreebell, ULTIMATE
Episode: Team Magma's leader, defeated! And 4th gym leader challenge.

  • Defeated the Team Magma's leader, hard part was Camerupt and Golbat, lol.
  • Proceeded to 4th gym, defeated her grunts.
  • About to face 4th gym leader
Level 37
Move set: Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Acid, and Bullet seed