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If only the anime was like this...

I really wish a new separate Pokemon anime would start, taking cues from the B2/W2 promotional trailer, such as:

*darker tone
*Pokemon don't stupidly say their names over and over again
*Pokemon actually make noises resembling their in-game cries (listen to Emboar's roar in the trailer)
*not ridiculously childish
*the main character actually gets a starter Pokemon instead of a really weak electric rodent

I despise the current anime so much because of how childish it is - I haven't watched it in over seven years. If they ever made a new anime in the same style as the promotional trailer, I would definitely watch it...

That being said, that was a wonderful trailer! What a spectacular way to promote the games, finally I have some evidence to use for my point that the Pokemon games were always meant to be serious!

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