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Did I really just watch that? Is this real life? Is this some sort of sick joke? Thirty seconds into it, and I'm already squealing and bopping around like a five-year-old who's about to get a video game for the very first time.

First of all, the animation. Why can't the actual anime be like THAT? The promotional trailer had me wishing the writers of the anime would just start over, get rid of Ash, and start anew. It was all so pretty! Plus, Arcanine using Bite (or Crunch, your pick) looked so well executed compared to what they do in the actual show! Everything was just so appealing to the eyes, omg! Basically I agree with what Chaos Rush said.

Secondly, I really hope the Pokémon Team Plasma had here in the promo are what they will have in the games. No more weak garbage Pokémon, but useful ones like they showed here.

Also, glad to see the Shadow Triad around and back.

M'Kay, I'm officially more excited than I originally was. This trailer also makes me look down at the anime even more (yet, I still can't stop watching). Not even the movies turn out this exciting when its all done and gone.

PS. I agree with Drew. Where was the female protagonist in all of this!?
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