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    Originally Posted by ChaosSonic View Post
    Pokemon BW and Rival your heart out. That animated trailer is THE Pokemon anime I would watch every day.

    Team Plasma returns; and with snazzy new attire. What's more that it seems The Shadow Triad has a much more prominent role than in BW.

    Wait...that's Elesa? Damn....she looks hot.. but strangely got a Crula DeVille-thing going on... Well, at least we know that she's returning as a Gym Leader and that's fine with me. So based on this trailer...that's four confirmed Gym Leaders? Or is it five?
    THIS omg if they made this an anime with those graphic styles? Itd destroy any season of pokemon to date. Also, I do like the way they have some of the old peeps just new ways of introducing them/showing that time has passed somewhat
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