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Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post

I skimmed through it. my head hurts hahah.

Oh yeah about Days, I forgot about that, but yeah.
Sora's voice seems a bit off imo, like HJO's voice but it feels like it isnt, and Lea sounds off too a tiny bit Idk if quinn flynn returned as Lea, but idk. We'll see. and YMX is David WHUT!? there is a emulator of it, but I think you have to use a PSP to play it. Im not sure i can ask my friend said he has it on his computer.
HJO sounds like he's trying to make Sora sound younger. He's growing up too fast for Sora who's only aged like 2 years tops since he first started voicing him, haha. I think Flynn sounds pretty normal. Maybe a little deeper than in the last few games but doesn't sound changed enough to be a different voice actor. Then again, I am NOT used to hearing him as Axel anymore. XD; Keiji Fujiwara is the Axel in my head now, haha.

I think you're thinking of ROMs, not emulators. You can get roms working just fine on a PSP if you know what you're doing and aren't lazy like me... but l don't think there are any emulators that play games (certainly not more recent ones like BBS) at any tolerable fps.