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Originally Posted by Plasmette View Post
Would try to resist the fangasms, but to late :/

Well, it looks better than the actual anime. amirite or amirite?

Well, I can see that Ill be seeing alot of Sevipers, Zangoose, Scrafty, Bedlum, and Kink...
Team Plasma's outfit looks better, the least most ridiculous outfit since Rocket...

Elesa's redesign...I don't like one bit. It just looks plain silly, and considering she is a model, that is saying alot. I still want to know what the big runway with the crowd is all about. If its a gym, then I can be expecting more epic Gym Battles.

Cherens Heirder, in my opinion, indicates that he is a normal type leader, and he replaced Lenora.
Shadow Triad is back, of course. I want to see if it was really the Stration City leaders or not once and for all!
Cheren is already confirmed replacing Lenora since he has her Basic Badge, and that he is the first Gym Leader.

As for the trailer and the animated potential behind it, if they don't make this into an animated series or something similar to Chronicles then this will be a travesty imo. It would seem to be a type of anime that everyone would like old fans, new fans, people that haven't even watched the show.

And we don't need to replace the current anime we just need to incorporate this, otherwise I see them dropping the ball of they don't capitalize on this.

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