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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
I'm also one hoping that there's more animated for this. Not a complete series, but just some episodes about the characters. Particularly to see more amazing moves like Arcanine's Bite attack. That was beautiful.
A full-blown anime with this caliber of animation is an absolutely ridiculous thought, but I could see something like this happening. Maybe they'll put them on the Nintendo Video thing like Kid Icarus Uprising.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
My excitement at the release of these games is matched only by my disappointment that this is only a trailer.
Yeah, it's too bad that the battles aren't quite that intense and we're stuck with chibi sprites. I've always wanted the titles like Battle Revolution to focus more on dynamic camera angles and attack animations like this trailer.

It goes without saying that this was great advertising on their part. This definitely will turn some heads when the games make their way to the western world. :P
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