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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
HJO sounds like he's trying to make Sora sound younger. He's growing up too fast for Sora who's only aged like 2 years tops since he first started voicing him, haha. I think Flynn sounds pretty normal. Maybe a little deeper than in the last few games but doesn't sound changed enough to be a different voice actor. Then again, I am NOT used to hearing him as Axel anymore. XD; Keiji Fujiwara is the Axel in my head now, haha.

I think you're thinking of ROMs, not emulators. You can get roms working just fine on a PSP if you know what you're doing and aren't lazy like me... but l don't think there are any emulators that play games (certainly not more recent ones like BBS) at any tolerable fps.
Yeah maybe we will see maybe it was digitally edited or something, and yeah Lea sounds like Flynn's voice but at some points he sounds similar but not like Flynn idk, Im confused all I know is. JEFF BRIDGES better be voicing his character if not, the voice actor WHO is doing this character matches so well and hopefully be good voice matching :o

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Erik, why do you do this to me. That wall of text was so huge I just decided to look for things directed at me /still dies.

Oh just do it chronologically! I know youd LOVE that experience and that'd mean you wouldnt hit KH2 for awhile again! (Do it!)

That scene was the best! How could you forget about it! I think I may watch it again as well After i finish FMA Brotherhood. It's definitely an amazing movie.
That is rather cute those to voice actors are married though *cutenesss will kill me*

Also there must be a PSP emulator somewhere! THERE MUST BE!!!!! If you find one コナンくん please tell me!!
I have a friend who has something like, idk how he plays it, he is using a PSP Emulator with an ISO, but I think you need a psp system to control it or something I'll ask him, and just call me Conan. No need for the Japanese lol.