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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Final Fantasy XIII-2
spoiler: there are actual spoilers in here... it's not just formatting!
Sooo… the last two DLC for FFXIII-2 come out tomorrow and the day after, I think. They feature Lightning and Snow.

I think we’re finally getting the freaking ending now. I’m really annoyed that they withheld it for DLC and I refuse to buy it which sucks because I really do want to know how the game ends. You know. Since I put like ~80 hours into completing it. (Probably more, actually.) I’ll just Youtube an LP of it, I guess, but I really wish they’d have just included the ending in the game. Maybe one day in the future when the DLC is on sale I’ll pick it up but until then, I refuse to give them my money. I feel like if I support this here and now, it’ll just invite them to keep pulling this sort of crap with their future games.
I should not have to pay for the ending to the game I already paid $80 for, Square-Enix.
Totally agree with this! I haven't bought any of the DLC because I feel like it's such a rip off :/ It's not even like they released them to expand the world after people had finished - since the first lot was released so soon after the game. If the Lightning/Snow one does actually have a definitive ending I will be kind of gutted, although I thought the normal ending was actually quite good.