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Super Swablu Solo #4 (Final)
I continued on with my epic journey until I reached Lilycove City. When I got there, I battled my rival, Brandon, for the last time before heading down to Mt. Pyre and battling Team Magma. I then headed to Slateport City only for Team Magma to escape once again. After that episode, I went back to Lilycove City and went inside Team Magma's hideout. Inside I defeated all the grunts and got the Master Ball.

After that I surfed to Mosdeep City and got Dive from Steven. I then went to the gym and beat Tate and Liza and got the badge. After that I dropped into Pacifidlog Town before heading to the Seafloor Cavern, where I defeated Maxie for the last time.

Groudon woke up and I surfed and dived to Sootopolis City where I saved Hoenn by removing Groudon. I then beat Wallace, earning me the last badge. After that I went to and through Victory Road, defeating Wally at the end of it. I then made preparations to battle the Pokémon League.

Sidney was very easy to beat, I swept his whole team after his Sharpedo used Swagger, boosting Swablu's attack. Pheobe was annoying because her Pokémon were immune to Return. Glacia was easier than expected. Steel Wing actually did decent damage. Drake was the easiest of them all. Ice Beam OHKOed all his Pokémon. Steven was obviously the toughest. I ended up using some of the X items to boost Swablu's stats. It allowed me to win, completing my Pokémon Ruby Swablu Solo Challenge.

Super Swablu!

Challenger (Swablu) Lv95.
Moves: Aerial Ace, Return, Steel Wing, Ice Beam.