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    Chapter 7 – A Worthy Sunset

    Back in Fenton City…

    The sun was setting in the west. The sky was clear with only little pockets of clouds floating slowly by. At the Loyals' training grounds, Captain Zoroark and Commando Mazda were sparing with each other. Well the rest of Loyal Team watched; as they ate their dinners.

    Mazda threw his bone to his right and it curved drastically towards Zoroark. Zoroark rolled forward, dodging the bone. As Mazda was reaching up to catch his bone. Zoroark decided to charge and swung his scimitar. But Mazda simply stepped to his side and evaded the attack.

    Mazda finally snatched up his bone and put it on Zoroark's weapon. Dragging the rough part of the bone along the blade until he hits Zoroark's hand, scratching it, making him drop the large scimitar. Mazda continued to beat the crap out of Zoroark by giving him an quick upper cut with the bone, pushing him back on his feet and dazing him. As Zoroark finished recovering from the hit, Mazda was already well on his way to finishing him off.

    Zoroark took a deep breath, and braced himself for the pain. Mazda swung his bone and hit Zoroark's heels, flinging his legs out from under him. While he was still in mid air, Mazda slammed his bone into Zoroark's chest, flinging him into the ground, hard. Mazda put his foot on Zoroark's chest, and pushed down.

    "If this was a real fight. You'd have been dead many times over," growled Mazda, taking his foot off of Zoroark's chest and walked away.

    "That was fast…who's next?" asked Ditto, looking around, "Machamp, you're the last."

    "Finally! I get to unload these cannons on this rookie!" yelled Machamp as he grabbed his battle axes.

    Machamp stretched his arms and neck, and then gave Zoroark a deathly stare/creepy smile combo. Then, out of nowhere, Machamp charged towards him. He caught up to Zoroark so quickly, it was only one big blur to the next. Some of the Loyals let small smiles grace their faces. Machamp swung his axes like a savage beast, beating down Zoroark with blow, after blow, after blow. On the receiving end all that, Zoroark was struggling to block and dodge all of Machamp's attacks, and quickly began to show signs of fatigue.

    "Come on! Is that the best you got!" taunted Machamp, giving Zoroark an extra hard hit to his side.

    As the two fought, Mazda walked up beside Sceptile and Infernape, grabbing a bottle of sand and takes a swig of it.

    "So what do you think of the rookie?" asked Infernape, not looking away from the one-sided battle.

    "He has potential, perhaps. But he is not ready to join a team like Loyal," replied Mazda, seeming more interested in his water then the fight.

    "I agree. I don't think he has ever clashed steel with a Trojan. Just by watching him getting his *ss whooped by all of Loyal Team. He even lost to Pinsir," added Sceptile.

    "That, even I didn't understand how he lost. It's like losing to a Knight with one leg and arm," said Infernape.

    Machamp gave Zoroark a kick to the chest that settled him on his *ss. "Awesome Mega Ultra Axe Attack!" he yelled, swinging down on Zoroark. As soon as Machamp was close enough, Zoroark kicked his legs forward and slid under Machamp's legs and quickly punched him in the groin. Machamp let out a yelp of pain, dropping his axes and falling to his knees.

    Zoroark found a window of opportunity to attack and went for it. Jumping in the air with his spear pointed towards Machamp's back. Machamp quickly stood up though, and turned around to grab Zoroark by the neck, squeezing it real tight.

    "I can't have children anymore! You son of a b*tch!" cried Machamp. He was in literal tears.

    In the rage and pain Machamp was going through. He chock slams Zoroark to the ground multiple times until he finally managed to knock him out cold. Machamp then threw him at a group of barrels. As Zoroark crashed through the barrels, Machamp walked away towards the rest of the team, holding his groin.

    "Frosty, can ya' help me here?" Machamp asked, the pain he was in shown clearly all over his face.

    "Chill bro, I got your back," Frosty replied, spiting out an ice beam onto Machamp's hand. Machamp put the chunk of ice on his groin.

    "Is the rookie dead?" asked Ditto.

    Sudowoodo and Toxicroak found Zoroark's body in the pile, of now smashed up, barrels and put his arms on their shoulders and transported him to a nearby stretcher.

    "Nada, poor guy is just got knocked the f*ck out, that's all," replied Toxicroak.

    "I remembered when I had to go through the initiation. Man, I received an *ss kicking from Mazda, Sceptile, and Blissey," added Sudowoodo, shuddering at the memory.

    "But somehow you found a way to beat Ditto," laughed Bibarel.

    "HEY! I told you it was rigged," shouted Ditto.

    "How! I clearly beat your *ss like it was no ones business," shouted back Sudowoodo, putting Zoroark on the stretcher.

    "Tell me why that kangaroo jumped six feet forward towards me and kicked me in the face then!"

    "Because you kicked her baby six feet into the air…" quietly said Sudowoodo, but Ditto still heard him.

    "I accidentally kicked it! I thought it was a football. From a distance, they almost look the same. But wait a minute! Didn't you ran away screaming like a girl after?" responded Ditto, in a vigorous tone.

    "The baby landed on my head! And it was so scared; it took a piss and sh*t on me! I had all the right to be running away!"

    As the two argue, Blissey put a piece of her healing egg into Zoroark. Then looked over at Sceptile.

    "So, what do you think of the rookie? Sceptile," asked Blissey.

    "Meh…" he replied.

    "That's it? Meh?" exclaimed Blissey.

    "I got two thumbs up when I passed," added Pinsir, from where he was sitting playing in the dirt.

    "I agree with Blissey. Don't forget he fought everybody here, lost, and was still able get back on his feet from his own strength. I believe that's a good recommendation of a pass in the initiation," added Alakazam.

    "Dog, he remained standing on his feet after I hi-jacked his brain. Sh*t, neva' seen an Argo do that. Homie deserves it," added Gengar as well.

    "He totally deserves it. No one can stand up after a blow to the head from my Kanabo," said Bibarel, wanting to get his own word in.

    "He did get up though, like a boss," added Frosty. "He was chilled throughout the fights. I approve," he continued.

    "I say yes. After that, it's amazing he's not dead from: brain damage, internal bleeding. or out with coma or concussion," said Blissey, actually looking impressed.

    Sceptile nods while rubbing his chin. Then the group spotted Zoroark, awake and struggling to get up. But he was still very weak, and collapsed again. Blissey and Toxicroak grabbed him and laid him back down on the stretcher.

    "Captain, you must rest now. You just went through a lot of sh*t," said Blissey, trying to calm Zoroark down.

    "I must…beat…one of…you," growled Zoroark, hissing in pain.

    Sceptile walked between Blissey and Toxicroak and crouched to get eye level with Zoroark.

    "Captain, don't worry. You proved yourself worthy. I hope that can convince you to rest."

    "Thank you, sir," he replied, lying back on the stretcher and closed his eyes.

    "Listen up Loyal Team!" shouted Sceptile, standing up and turning away from Zoroark, "we are being deployed in two days. I want you all to get fully rested up, prepped and ready for combat. You got that Loyals!"

    "Yes sir!" they all shouted back.

    "Alright, dismissed. Machamp, Electivire. I want you to bring the Captain to the medic tent."

    "Yes sir," said the two, picking up the stretcher.

    As the two carried Zoroark over to the medical tent. Blissey walked up toward Sceptile and gave him a smile.

    "Blissey, you know I hate it when you give me that look," sighed Sceptile.

    "I'm just smiling…Either way you did good today. Looks like you still have it old man," chuckled Blissey, punching Sceptile in the arm before walking away.

    He watches Blissey walk towards the medical tent, and heard a munching sound. He looked over towards it and saw Garchomp and Zangoose eating. After a second of thinking, he decided to sit and join them.

    "You like new Argo? Sir?" asked Garchomp, giving him a plate of puffins.

    "He's wasn't able to defeat any Loyals today, which proves that he's still very much a rookie. But he demonstrated some effort and skill in his fights. And up until the very end of the all the fights, he continued to show more determination to defeat one of us. To the point he was dealing too much damage to himself and I had to stop him. That led me to giving him the rank of Loyal Twenty. So, to answer your question. I'm satisfied with Zoroark's performance," he replied, before eating a puffin.

    As they ate, the sunset was glowing in the west. Slowly settling down into the mountains. The shine was warm and soothing on the Argos. And they took in the rare moment of peace and quiet.

    "Sunset nice tonight," said Garchomp.

    "Yes it is my friend, yes it is."

    Next…Chapter 8 - Ninja Mode
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