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    Originally Posted by ShinyDiamond View Post
    Um, in english please? *brain rots*
    lolwut don't see how you couldn't get that?

    Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
    We can use this thread to pimp out our future RPs, right? Or at least gauge interest in them? 'Cause I've got one in the works involving Pokemon Gym Leaders teaming up to help root out the cause of a natural disaster. Does that sound interesting enough? (There's a lot more to it, but that's the 'pitch', so to speak.)
    Yup, you can use this thread to present your basic ideas to see whether people are interested. :]

    Even though that's a very basic explanation of your plot, I'm kind of interested. So basically, you would play gym leaders? Are they existing gym leaders in an existing region or will the leaders be original characters created by the RPers? And I have got a lot more questions, but I guess everything will be revealed once you release the plot. xD