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    Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
    R/S/E occurs before HG/SS (confirmed by Steven referencing the Hoenn protagonists)
    Steven doesn't say anything that is 100% about Hoenn protagonists. No proof at all. Events from gens 1, 2 and 4 are 100% confirmed to have already happened before B/W, while only R/S/E events are not even mentioned. Why?

    Originally Posted by Kirbychu View Post

    Which makes no sense, considering that BW confirmed that RSE takes place before HGSSDPPt with the ""after a long travel through time"" message present on Pal Park'd Pokemon's summaries.
    Where is that confirmation? "Travel through time" can mean as well that R/S/E take place after B/W and B2/W2. It's not said if Pokemon arrived from past or future.
    Anyway, this message about travel through time is shown only for Pokemon transfered from GBA games. Pokemon transfered from R/S remakes won't have this message anymore, so there is no proof at all.

    This timeline discussion is for another thread, so if you have any other ideas to prove I'm wrong about timeline, post them in appropriate thread.