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Okay, here we go...

Bug - Butterfree. Never really used it until HeartGold, but now it's the main Pokemon on my team.
Dark - Umbreon. It's always been my favorite Eeveelution, and is also probably in my top-5 favorite of all time.
Dragon - Rayquaza. I never really use the Dragon type, but Rayquaza is my favorite legendary, so this was a no brainer.
Electric - Magnezone. Another type I rarely use, but I love the Electric/Steel typing of Magnezone.
Fighting - Heracross. Not neccessarily considered for being a Fighting-type (but rather Bug), but since Butterfree is my favorite bug type, I had to put Heracross here.
Fire - Ninetales. Vulpix almost always showed up exclusively in the paired version I didn't have, but once I got one in Sapphire, it became a mainstay on my team.
Flying - Pidgeot. The main Pokemon on my Fire Red for the longest time, the Pidgeot family has always been my favorite of the early game birds.
Ghost - Froslass. One of the few Pokemon I loved before I even used it, as I really liked the design and Ice/Ghost typing.
Grass - Breloom. The first Shiny that I ever caught, so it holds a special place in my heart.
Ground - Gliscor. It recently worked it's way into my favorites, after never really using Gligar in the past. Now it's one of the staples on my team.
Ice - Glalie. Rather than Froslass taking up both the Ice and Ghost spots, I put it's counterpart Glalie here. Also the first Lv. 100 Pokemon I ever had traded to me.
Normal - Blissey. Having a high HP tank with Softboiled and Toxic has always been one of my favorite strategies.
Poison - Gengar. Also my second favorite Ghost Pokemon, and I always try to have one in my party at one point or another.
Psychic - Unown. My favorite Pokemon that I will never use (for obvious reasons).
Rock - Aggron. This was going to be my choice for Steel, but then I realized I don't really like any other Rock Pokemon.
Steel - Empoleon. I never seem to remember that Empoleon is part Steel type, but it's one of the few starters I've kept on my team throughout my journey.
Water - Starmie. Another Pokemon I like for it's interesting typing (which is only seen in one other line). Always loved that it could learn Thunder/Thunderbolt.