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Good idea creating this thread, there is alot to discuss, I also I didn't notice that promo from the anime, this pretty much confirms (almost) that they will re-appear in B2W2 I'd assume. Anyway.. to answer the questions.

So what do you think about the Shadow Triad appearing in Unova once again?

I'm happy that they are making a re-appearance, hopefully we will finally discover the mystery behind them and their purpose.

What roles do you want to see them play? Any ideas on what missions they may be sent out to complete?

I want them more involved in the storyline basically, appearing every so often and guiding you to a specific area doesn't give you much details or a background to them so there are things that need to be explained. Maybe you battle them in a triple battle a couple of times and as unlikely as this may sound they could be in control of Kyurem.

What side do you think the Shadow Triad is on (Team Plasma, N, Ghetsis, Akuroma, or even on their own)?

Good question, I'd say they were on their own.. even though in BW they were involved with Team Plasma, there wasn't much too it and they could have easily branched off to form their own small alliance.. either that or they are assisting N.

They look line awesome Ninjas