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    I watched both Pokemon and Digimon as a kid, but Pokemon was always more popular and so I stayed with it more for most of my life. However...several years ago I played Digimon World Dawn, my first Digimon game, and I got back into Digimon again. Last summer I watched Tamers and I'm going through Adventure atm, and I've got to say that as far as anime goes, Digimon always wins. There's just so much more that goes into it.

    As for games, I like both. Pokemon I love and always will, but I love it the best when I'm playing with other people. Digimon is more fun for me when I'm playing alone (not to mention most of the games are 1-player anyway...but yeah). Quality-wise, Pokemon wins it for games.

    Basically, I love Pokemon and Digimon :I