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    Originally Posted by -DeepImpact- View Post

    Hey, the third one sounds like the Lords of the Flies RP you had brought up a few months ago!

    Still really interested in that kind of RP, always love a good RP based around the concept of survival. The other ideas are good too, but the third one is the best imo.
    Originally Posted by ShinyDiamond View Post
    I like idea 2. It'd be like normal everyday life. & an RP with all regions, one at a time, who wouldn't wanna try that? :D I'd join that anytime!
    Originally Posted by jackblaze View Post
    Wow I would be really interested in idea 2 or 3 i would sign up for anyone of those. It's always nice to have rps that offer you freedom.
    Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
    @WestSideConnection- idea 2 and 3 sounds nice :3 i think i would join those kinds of RP's~
    Thank you for your selections, and those others who supplied opinions. However, upon reaching a conclusion, I am going to pick idea 3. It seems more do-able, easier to build and would only require one GM (me,derp). Anyways, upon elaborating on it, I have made some decisions.

    Stuff about RP:

    • The RP would be placed on a island, traditional plane wreck, only survivors, only have the wrecked plane and whats on your back and in your pockets. (You were just on a plane so nothing crazy)
    • The RP would be M/PG-17 rated
    • The RP would have a goal, a plot and many twists (Keeping in guidelines)
    • Probably wouldn't accept too many RP'ers, There isn't always a lot of survivors of a plane crash, and that once the RP starts, no more entries (Logicstics, how many planes are going to crash on one small, isolated tropical island anyway)
    • Would have systems to maintain food,water,sleep (Like, how many posts since eating, not sure on that)
    • Yes DeepImpact, like Lord of the Flies, although I'm questionable about letting rocks being dropped on RP'ers heads.
    • Would be quite "realistic" to add effect of having to survive on a island.

    So stoked since I figured out how to make those formatting lines