Thread: B2/W2: Wait... City!?
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    City people! The bright lights, the busy hustle! No hillbillies! (No offense rural people) Every time I started up my a game I expected a Miltank to leap at my sprite. Or the random Zigzagoon to ambush us. Poor Prof.Birch...
    Anyways... Asperita city (that's the name, right?) seems like nice place to start. No enclosing forests or rabid Pokemon in sight, right? Hopefully, this city will have some new, unique features as Aquarius1997 said. Its our hometown! homecity! We need a reason to visit it! And don't give me the whole "I wanna see mom!" reason. Our homecity is supposed to be awesome. At the very least a Game Corner/Casino should be in the City. Or a necessary building. Like a Pokemon Center! (Kudos to Jellicent♀ and Zayphora)
    Maybe the Professor's Lab will look like an actual Lab as opposed to the large, imposing building. I haven't seen the artwork for our house, yet. It better be an epic crib that I would want to pointlessly walk around in.
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