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    Name: Nox Paladin

    : 18

    Gender: Male

    : Black Mage

    Side: Kuro


    Personality: Nox is as insane as they come. Predicting his actions is like knowing where lightning will strike before you even know the storm is there. He's twisted and cruel on the outside (and mostly inside) but somewhere deep... deep... very deep inside of him there is a pure heart. Most of the time he will take the more complicated route; if there's a straight path to the goal he'll go out of his way to make it more interesting. His only goals are to complete his spell book - which he has named
    "Buchdes Todes" and to assure the death of Tabuu. Although he does have his boundaries. "Never once shall I do to others what others have done to me.. Oh no that's how I become who I am"

    History: Nox's mother was a green mage, and his father was a white mage. His village wasn't always a part of the Kingdom of Kuro. His little village started out as neutral. When Nox's 5th birthday Kuro invaded his village with such tempest there was no time to prepare. The local militia wasn't even a fourth of the size needed to have a chance of winning, and parents were banned from fighting as a local law. The village ended up surrendering to the foreign army.

    After surrendering the town was peaceful until Tabuu payed the town a personal visit 2 years later. He was "recruiting" all positions for his army and anybody who said no would be charged with treason. Naturally Nox's parents wanted to stay with there child and watch him learn and grow. When word reached Tabuu about the mages' refusel to join the army, he smashed down their front door and began to "execute justice" upon the parents. All 7-year old Nox could do was stand there and watch "justice" take place. This twisted his mind and distorted his logic for years to come.

    In between Nox seeing his parents murdered and the age of 12 he had began studying the bane of his father's existence: black magic. When he reached the army age of his village (13) he had planned on his life. He knew he was going to do two things: 1. create his ultimate spell book of death and 2.
    KILL Tabuu. His Book of Death (which he calls Buch des Todes) is the hardest part, and after 10 years of working on it he's not even a quarter way finished....

    Um, I hope my history isn't too long or anything.

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