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    Small update !

    I took Max's advice in notice and corrected things that required fixing.

    No longer in Beta 3 you'll have to find a Key to the gym in Little Stone, the things that Professor Oak tells you have been changed a little bit, Bulbasaur gender bug is now fixed (will actually be always female because I didn't feel like changing the asm routine of receiving a specific pokemon), and intro school-related things will also be changed but I haven't gotten into editing them yet.

    Next, I'm going to finish Brigthbulb City (last city in Beta 3), a couple of other special areas, insert some battle sprites (not anything that special really but has to be done) and test that everything works like I intended to. I'm planning to release Beta 3 this summer but not going to give any release dates as I can't really tell how long it will take but not long though

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    I do have one more thing!

    Before I proceed any further I want you to answer me a certain question!


    I saw you have done a lot of changes on Eevee's skills(and from what I figure on its evolutions as well, since my Umbreon didn't learn Pursuit) and then I get the De-stone!

    So my question is this!

    Was I supposed to NOT evolve Eevee?

    Will it affect the game's script in some way or another if I don't have Eevee with me?
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