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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post

I think its a bit of both tbh. Cuteness is a general term, it relates to the size of the organism's eyes relative to the head size, relative to the body size. So I think there are some Pokemon which are just inherently cute. That being said however, there are many Pokemon that certain people find cute and others don't; for example Grimer is a Pokemon I find to be exceedingly cute whereas a lot of people would disagree with this point of view. I think really most Pokemon are either cute or not, but based on how people perceive cuteness every Pokemon will be seen as cute by one person or another. It's just a matter of finding that person! here's looking at you Seismitoad
Heh. Come to think about it, what would be something like TurtwigBuizelZorua be? Would that still be cute?

I think there's something that could be just "cute enough" and be something that is always cute.