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Daiki was not amused by any of the events that had transpired, feeling little jubilation for what seemed to be happening. It was to be a normal fine morning, with Daiki readily expecting to be idle with his peers. Maybe get a good workout before forcing himself to watch the Games. If you were tell him that he was going to becoming a participant in his final year of eligibility, he would perhaps call you a poor court jester and proceed on with his day.

Oh, how wrong he was.

Daiki followed the guide of the angel, calmly looking around avoiding direct eye contact. He was still a bit nervous around the figure, though he couldn't exactly identify why. Perhaps it was the fact that Daiki had little experience with his kind. No, that wasn't right. It was something far more simple. Daiki was human and he was not.

"I hope you have stayed up-to-date on the Games, for there are a handful of unique, strong competitors this year. To name a few,two-time winner Bernkastel and the demon Ryuu. Maybe only a few are actually weak and inexperienced..."

"I have," Daiki replied. "And that does not make me at all more comfortable with this ordeal."

Daiki continued to be led on by his guide, being taken into the heart of the city. Daiki's home was far from active, and he made it a point to rarely enter its inner limits. It was a dismal remainder of the state of his people, many living in fear in the presence of any superior creature. Even Daiki himself, of whom his friends say could guide humanity forth into a better era, recognized his own weakness in comparison to the divine and supernatural. But even if Daiki was to be a harbinger of hope and goodwill, it could not and would not remove a simple image of his head. Glancing at some of the buildings, he could see the state of his race, slowly crumbling into a state of nothingness as an endangered species being battered by the elements of nature, forever superior to the weakness of mankind. While angels, demons and vampires have their fancy tricks and superpowers, humanity has managed to gather nothing but pity from the others, if that much, since ire has become a far more common emotion to pass around freely. Daiki sighed. If only humanity had a glimmer of hope somewhere, preferably not in a vessel like himself, would perhaps mankind would at least become significant again and earn some respect. But all that was in the past, making it no longer important. Humanity was destined to become a footnote. What he could do to save his people from such a fate? Win the games maybe? That would be a tall order and what would that accomplish other than taking a few lives?

A few of his peers and elders glanced at him, mouthing questions. Daiki reassured them that nothing was wrong and that he was being given a great honor. Daiki was fairly popular all things considered, and some of the faces he recognized. Teachers, friends, random townspeople that he greeted with kindness all expressed concern. He didn't realize that he was this notable in the district. It was busy work being the talk of the town, but Daiki was partially used to it, and if anything it become something of a subconscious practice. Imagine how much work he would have to do in the God district where he would a fish out of water, being hounded with questions from Gods and Goddesses who want him to be a very tool of entertainment. The shock that came from being associated with a divine being was no surprise to him, so Daiki did his best to play it off. He would leave his involvement in the Games out for now. They would find out soon enough.

It was at this point that Daiki wished he could return to his retreat and dwell in the light of the open sun, fishing at the docks by his home, sleeping near the lake with the smell of the fresh outdoors bathing him in paradise. But no, instead he found himself on the docks, staring at the ship. Daiki was unnerved at the sight, for he suffered from extreme motion sickness, especially on boats. Daiki was very much a land creature, though he did enjoy swimming. At least then, he can control over his own movements. Placing faith in vehicles was a completely different concept.

“I reassure you. You are safe from any sort of illness on sea. The boats are sturdy. Will not sway.”

"For your sake, I do hope you are right. Well perhaps not you personally. Your…employees then," Daiki said avoiding the words "servants" or "slaves." He was unsure what proper terminology to use, as to not offend anyone.

Once aboard, Daiki was impressed by the construction and decoration of the ship. He kept his amazement to himself as to not embarrass himself in front of others, but its size and opulence was something to experience. Daiki was overwhelmed, barely following Preserias lead, almost getting lost himself in the fortress of wonder and beauty. The ship's design was far more wondrous than any other boat he was on, though to be fair, he had spent more time expelling sickness from his body than bathing in the glory of fine design. But it was a safe assumption, as humans rarely create anything of grandeur anymore.

Once their descent was complete, Daiki found himself in a room with a glass floor and wall, allowing the dwellers of the room admire the sea life. It was just like the Gods to show off their wealth in unnecessary design. Daiki was slightly angered by this for reasons that he could not clearly express without shaming the reputation of his house. Daiki clenched a fist as Preserias took a seat, melting in its comfort. Daiki remained standing, his body and mind still tense. The realization of his eventual destination, the world he was about to enter and the games all haunting his very thoughts.

“I’m your guide for the Population Games. Think you could tell me things about yourself? Strengths, weaknesses… Goals… What can you do to get sponsors?” The angel yawned politely behind his hand.

"There is nothing much to tell really," Daiki said in a solemn voice. "I am a human first and foremost and that alone could be a stamp of being undesirable, as I ought not hath the appeal of my fellow competitors. I lack the wonder of the angels, the strength of demons or the magic of the vampires. I am an unremarkable human who spends more time bathing himself in the fantasies of old legends as a means of escapism from a grim world," Daiki took a deep breath. "I do suppose you want specifics though. To be honest, I do not see himself as particularly skilled though I almost hope you will disagree," Daiki said with a weak laugh. "I have trained with several swordsmen, done cooking with my dearest mother and participated in several forms of sports giving me a fair degree with athleticism. Though that is quite boring if I do say so myself. This," Daiki paused, producing a beacon of light in his right palm. "This is often what garners most people's attention."

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