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    Grinding away in victory road. Got a level 1 larvitar in a trade, leveled him up to level 55 (in one sitting) also caught an axure and a male and female excadrill for some breeding later on. Somewhat concerned about my current team against the e4 so ill continue to grind till im confident.
    Edit: My friend convinced me to take on the elite four because he wanted to see the entry scenes. I still felt I wasnt ready but humored him anyway. I actually ran out the first member of the e4 I battled with emolga(lvl59)/tyranitar(lvl57 now). The second member gave me some trouble but eventually fell to my excadrill boosted by swords dance and the residual sandstorm from tyranitar. From there out I had absolutely no trouble cleaning up the other two. Tyranitar with blackglasses and STAB crunch took almost no damage from the last two. Now im back in victory road grinding away before I battle N.