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Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
The Shadow Triad looks cool as heck, yo! o3o
I'm not too excited for N to come back, but at least it will give an epilogue as to what happened to him, which is always fun. <3
The new uniforms are pretty boss, as well. Maybe the new Plasma is ran by the Shadow Triad due to their intense loyalty to Ghetsis. Maybe he ordered them to remake Plasma, and they're just following orders. They never seem evil to me, just loyal to the man who saved their lives.
In my opinion i would in fact like to see N return, team plazma and N are the only villians in pokemon that i actually seem to understand so far.
But i do like the way that your thinking, it would be nice to see what happened to the shadow triads and if they will still stay loyal to team plazma.

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